Foundation Damage in Texas

Foundation damage in Texas can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Fortunately there are many products that can prevent this from becoming a disastrous situation.

If your gutters are improperly installed or no longer functioning, water can run along your foundation causing damage to your home. So are you experiencing foundation damage right now? What can you do you solve this serious problem?

First if you currently have a gutter system installed, you need to determine if this system is repairable or needs replacement.

If you are experiencing foundation damage or see signs of problems, Don't delay a resolution!

You have decided you need new gutters, Now what? The good news is, you can get brand new gutters installed for less then repairing the damage to your home many times over. The gutter industry is a very competitive market, but watch out... there are gutter companies that are not looking out for your best interest! If your gutters are not installed properly the first time because you wanted to save a few hundred dollars you will be right back where you started from.

A few key points to look into when you are getting estimates for gutter installers in Texas are:

  • What is type of material does this company use?
  • If the material is a metals want is the gage of the gutter material? .032. .027 .025 .019 ?
  • Are the gutters sectional or seamless?
  • Do you require any type of gutter protection, if so what does this company offer?
  • Do they have a successful track history of completed jobs in your area?

Check their testimonials, run an online search on the company, and check their BBB listing, etc.

Gutter Protection is becoming more and more popular for home owners in Texas that do not want to hassle with cleaning their gutters a few times a year. Gutter protection in Texas can be as simple as a filter like material inserted into your trough or a full hood design. There are also screen mesh systems that can be installed to keep the larger debris out like leaves and pine cones. These may allow smaller items like shingle grit and pine needles into your gutter and will still require cleaning.

Gutter Protection can give you years of trouble free service and prevent gutter foundation damage issues. Depending on your situation you will need to make the decision based on various factors. For example, What kind of trees are around your house? What is the most common debris found in your gutters?